Military was just polled about Trump’s military parade, and the results will make your day


On the heels of Trump’s seemingly unchecked desire to satisfy his every delusional whim, the Military Times, an independent news outlet that covers the military for service members and their families, polled its readers on the question, “should there be a parade showing troops and military equipment in Washington, D.C.?”

Per the poll of over 51,000 readers, a staggering eighty-nine percent of respondents answered, “No, it’s a waste of money and troops are too busy.”

Only 11 percent responded “Yes, it’s a great opportunity to show off U.S. military might.”

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The move comes after a demand by the President to the Pentagon in which he asked top brass to explore a “celebration” of the armed forces. Trump reportedly became interested in the idea after witnessing a Bastille Day military parade in France last summer.

Per a spokesman for the Department of Defense, the agency is “aware of the request” and is in the process of “determining specific details.”


The request was met with swift backlash by those on both sides of the aisle as wasteful, unnecessary, braggadocios, and un-American.

“I don’t want to be Russia or North Korea, I don’t want to be a totalitarian state, and this is straight from their playbook,” said Washington, D.C. council member Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3).

Trump, for his part, sought five deferments to dodge the Vietnam War, which makes his obsession with the military all the more ironic. Perhaps he should have considered going overseas to serve this country if he wanted to see a procession of armored vehicles so badly.

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Americans from both sides of the aisle, civilian and military, however, have been crystal clear about their feelings on the matter.

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