August 17, 2022

Marco Rubio just publicly humiliated Fox News after “bombshell” report

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Marco Rubio isn’t so little anymore. The Florida Republican fired back at FOX News as the propaganda machine desperately tried another tactic to discredit the FBI in the Russia investigation.


This time, FOX was harping on the fact that Democratic Senator Mark Warner had contact with a Russian oligarch who also had ties to Hillary Clinton.

Rubio swiftly shut down FOX’s argument with a tweet that put it to rest once and for all.

Rubio, who sits on the senate intelligence committee and has been very involved in the Russia Investigation, vouched for Warner by saying that he had fully disclosed this contacts with the Russian long ago and that it had no impact on the committee’s investigation.

FOX News is really grasping at straws now, looking for any crumb of evidence that could derail the Russia investigation. The network, which has essentially fashioned itself into a propaganda arm of the Trump administration, is rallying around the president as Special Counsel Robert Mueller closes in on him.

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The network has been peddling conspiracy theories left and right, each more bogus than the last. First they tried to play up the Devin Nunes memo as evidence the FBI has been compromised and that the Russia Investigation is politically motivated, but the memo was a bust.

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Then they tried to revive the Hillary Clinton-Uranium One scandal, but the Justice Department just cleared Hillary of any connection to the Uranium One deal in the first place earlier this week.

FOX has tried to claim that Obama knew about Russian meddling but let it go on, and the there was a “secret society” inside the FBI working to bring Trump down.

None of these have had any merit, so the network is getting more and more desperate in their attempts to distract from what’s really going on. That’s that the Special Counsel is building an increasingly solid case against the Trump administration and members of the campaign in issues surrounding Russian meddling in the election and the obstruction of justice in uncovering it.

Even Marco Rubio can see the writings on the wall, and just how desperate FOX looks with these shoddy conspiracy theories.


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