Forbes just busted Trump in a huge lie about the engagement ring he gave Melania


Trump just got caught in another lie, this time by Forbes Magazine.

The Liar-in-Chief told the New York Times in 2005 that he was given a $1 million discount when he purchased a diamond engagement ring for then-fiancee Melania.

Forbes has confirmed that the discount was a lie, Trump committed a cardinal rich guy sin: he paid full price. Insiders with knowledge of the transaction told Forbes that when Trump was told of the ring’s $1.5 million price tag, he paid in full and he paid immediately.

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Laurence Graff, the billionaire CEO of the company who sold Trump the diamond for the engagement ring told Forbes in an email that Trump was “a pleasure to do business with,” but that there was no million dollar discount. The guy in charge of the company would probably remember something like that.

Trump definitely paid full price for a second diamond ring for Melania, purchased from the same company for $3 million.

Melania took some heat for posing for her official White House photo wearing the ring, which many criticized as gauche and ignorant, at a time when income inequality is the single biggest issue facing the country.


But neither Trump is really known for their sensitivity or understanding of nuanced issues.

This is just the latest in a string of lies the President has told reflexively in his long and nasty career in the public eye.

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