Vicente Fox just took Trump to task over today’s market crash with brilliant tweet


The stock market continued its downward plunge today, and it’s really making Trump look bad. Not that you’d know it by looking at the guy.

Trump, who was interrupted while bragging about how great the economy is for a FOX News report about how bad the market is doing today, hasn’t acknowledged the downturn once yet today.

Not usually known for his restraint, the Internet quickly caught on to Trump’s silence doubling as embarrassment.

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada tweeted the perfect response to the whole thing.

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The stock market closed out its worst week in two years on Friday. Today, the Dow Jones closed down 1,200 points. On Friday, it lost 666 points, the biggest daily loss since the height of the financial crisis in December, 2008.

Financial, energy, and industrial sectors were hit the hardest.

Trump has made the mistake of conflating the health of the stock market with the health of the overall economy, which isn’t exactly a one to one comparison. In fact, the stock market fell in part because of a rise in wages.

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However, Trump’s picked this line and now he’s got to stick with it. He’s been barking about sky high stocks almost nonstop since taking office, happily giving himself credit for a steadily growing economy. In fact, much credit is due Obama, who pulled the economy out of the nosedive it took in 2008 and handed off a robust and stable market when he left office last year.

All this bad karma is coming right back to bite Trump where it hurts. If you’re going to take all the credit for the highs, eventually the lows are going to be your problem too. No one’s letting him forget that now.

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