Top Intel Democrat just humiliated Trump and John Kelly live on air after Trump’s Twitter attack

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The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, had the last laugh on CNN this afternoon in a feud with Trump that started on Twitter this morning.

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You can watch Schiff’s devastating final blow in the video below this article.

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Schiff put the nail in Trump’s rhetorical coffin, saying:

Look, first he attacked me some months ago, calling me ‘sleazy Adam Schiff,’ now it’s ‘little Adam Schiff’ which, I don’t know, seems better. It’s also confusing . . . But bottom line is I think it may be time for Gen. Kelly to give the president a timeout. The country would certainly benefit from that anyway.’

Trump had launched a smear attack on the California congressman due to his unflappable defense of the FBI and Department of Defense against all-out war from the Presidon’t and his obstruction of justice henchman, Republican House Intel chair, Devin Nunes, also of California.

Shortly before the release of a phony memo alleging imaginary crimes against Democrats and the FBI, Schiff announced that he would release his own memo showing the truth behind the corruption of Trump’s enablers.

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By Trump’s behavior this morning, that has the president quaking in his boots. Trump tweeted this infantile, preemptive attack on Schiff:

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It’s hard to miss the subconscious references to Trump’s own insecurities: “little” (see hands), “liars,” “leakers” (from a White House with more leaks than the Titanic).

Trump even went on to praise Nunes, whose memo was debunked the moment it was released with a laughable tweet singling out the courage and grit of a sycophant so deep in the president’s pocket he’s looking up at lint

Nunes publicly recused himself from the Russia investigation after getting caught tipping off the White House to details of the investigation, but he has violated that recusal again and again to spread lies and carry Trump’s water.

Much to Schiff’s credit, he isn’t getting caught up in the tit-for-tat nonsense.  Instead he’s reminding the country that the president has a job to do, responsibilities of the highest order, and Donald Trump is neglecting the work he was elected to do (by a minority of the public).

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Schiff and his Democratic colleagues, on the other hand, seem determined to do their jobs, however — even it means bringing a lawless president to justice.

With his withering insult, Schiff highlighted Trump’s infantile behavior, which has been decried by Democrats and Republicans alike.

By staying cool and brushing Trump’s tantrums off his shoulders, Schiff shows who the real grownup in the room is.


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