Harley-Davidson just announced the closing of a major plant, citing Trump tax cuts


Trump has been crowing to everyone who’ll listen about the “tremendous” economy he’s created — failing to mention he inherited President Obama’s recovery.

Meanwhile, a quintessentially American company, Harley-Davidson, just announced that their sales have fallen sharply in the past year, culminating in the closure of their Kansas City, Missouri plant, costing the city approximately 800 jobs — and they’re blaming the Trump tax cuts.

According to today’s USA Today:

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The Milwaukee-based company said its net income fell 82% in its fiscal fourth quarter to $8.3 million, compared with a year earlier. Earnings per share were 5 cents, down from 27 cents a year earlier . . . Harley-Davidson worldwide retail motorcycle sales fell 6.7% in 2017 compared to 2016. The company’s U.S. sales fell 8.5% and international sales were down 3.9%.

Harley-Davidson attributes their earnings drop to ” a charge associated with President Trump’s tax cut and a $29.4 million charge for a voluntary product recall.”

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Harley-Davidson is just one in a spate of companies to recently announce plant closures and layoffs.


Since Trump took over the Oval Office, job growth has slowed, black unemployment has spiked, and just in the past week, the stock market has tanked.

Factories, including Trump’s much-touted Carrier plant, have pocketed their tax cuts and moved jobs overseas.  The energy industry is protesting tariffs that prevent them from hiring.


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Like everything in the Trump presidency and life, his boasts of economic prowess are fraudulent.

When he ran for office, Trump said America would tire of all the “winning.”


If Harley-Davidson is any indication, we’re already there.

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