MSNBC’s Joy Reid just went viral with epic rant against Paul Ryan’s $1.50 raise tweet [WATCH]


MSNBCs Joy Reid joined the pile up on House Majority Leader Paul Ryan (R-WI) after his now-deleted tweet celebrating the $1.50 per week increase in take-home pay that one of his constituents was now receiving after the Republican tax scam was passed.

The tweet — which Ryan deleted after being slaughtered on Twitter for his audacity in highlighting a raise which totals the amount of an annual Costco membership while his wealthy corporate backers got tax breaks worth billions — was the highlight of a slow news day on Saturday with only the leftovers of reactions to the release of the Republican House Intelligence Committee memo dominating coverage otherwise.

Reid had a high bar to reach in commenting on Ryan’s clueless tweet after the level of sarcastic and hilarious replies on Twitter reached numbers only Donald Trump could usually generate, but she aimed high with a novel approach to the story.

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Taking a page out of the Charles Dickens’ classic Oliver Twist, Reid feigned enthusiasm as she shouted:

“$1.50 a week! That’s like an extra dollop of gruel for Oliver Twist! Quick, someone fetch me my monocle and top hat. I think little Oliver and his friends are dancing at the prospect of an extra dollop of gruel.”

Reid then acknowledged that Ryan got what he deserved on Twitter after he realized the public relations disaster he had induced and quickly deleted the original tweet, but also pointed out that Ryan’s “Let them eat cake samples!” moment came just a day after Wall Street had its largest collapse in two years.

“It’s interesting that Trump, so quick to credit when the market is booming, has been conspicuously silent about the drop,” she added as a final dig.

You can see Joy Reid’s Dickensian celebration for yourself in the video clip below.


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