Trump just bragged about how the “memo” proves he’s innocent. Howard Dean’s response is epic


Trump’s been having a rough couple of days since the release of Devin Nunes’ controversial memo attempting to discredit the FBI and its efforts in the Russia Investigation.

This morning, Trump tweeted that, as expected, he believes the phony memo “vindicates” his position.

The tweet was the first public indication that Trump will take seriously the widely-condemned memo. Despite the fact that members of both parties have said that the memo does not discredit the Mueller probe and the FBI released a statement claiming that the memo omits pertinent information, the President is intent on cherry-picking whatever misleading information he has at his disposal to promote his misguided agenda.

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Former Vermont Governor and Democratic candidate for president Howard Dean had some choice words for Trump.


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The memo has been widely condemned on both sides of the aisle as anywhere from something of a dud to gravely misleading.

Details have emerged since the memo’s release that call into question its validity. Devin Nunes has admitted that he never read the primary source material on which the memo was based. (Only Trey Gowdy did.) Career intelligence officials and experts have all said the memo not only leaves out key information that would give context to the contents therein. They also have said that the information that is included almost definitely jeopardizes American intelligence efforts going forward.

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For example, the memo identifies Christopher Steele – the source of a controversial intelligence dossier paid for in part by the Clinton Campaign – as a “long time” intelligence asset. Experts have worried that by publicizing Steele’s name and the nature of his relationship to US agencies, the memo erodes international trust and likely lowers the likelihood that intelligence assets will cooperate with the US in the future.

Additionally, a first hand expert in this kind of dirty dealing has speculated that Nunes and his staffer could likely face jail time for penning the memo. That’s John Dean, Nixon’s White House Counsel who himself did jail time for penning a similar memo as part of the Watergate Scandal. In his situation, both he and the President faced dire consequences.

You can draw your own conclusion how things might play out here.


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