Social media just brutally pummeled Paul Ryan’s tax scam tweet so bad he had to delete it

This morning, House Speaker Paul Ryan took to Twitter to boast about how the collection of corporate handouts and giveaways to the billionaire class that the GOP has the nerve to call “tax cuts” is uplifting the everyday American – by bragging about how one secretary received a whopping $1.50 a week raise, which therefore allowed her to pay for her Costco subscription.

Social media quickly erupted in fury at the House Speaker’s callous remark, pummeling him for pretending that $1.50 a week for working Americans was adequate compensation while the richest of the richest are set to make billions of dollars from this tax bill – Ryan himself received half a million dollars from the Koch Brothers as a reward for getting the bill passed.

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Racking up nearly 7,000 replies before Ryan was shamed into deleting it, the barrage of snark and furor did not end with the disappearance of the tweet itself.

Here’s a selection of social media’s best responses to our heartless House Speaker’s disgraceful declaration:

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