Nixon’s attorney, who went to prison, just made a grim prediction about Devin Nunes’ future


The guy with real firsthand experience going away for obstruction of justice is calling it like he sees it.

John Dean, Nixon’s White House Attorney just called for Devin Nunes and his lead staffer Kashyap Patel to serve prison time for writing the now infamous “memo.”

Dean pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, for which he served 4 months in federal detention and was disbarred. As associate deputy Attorney General and White House Counsel, he crafted a similar memo to the one Nunes just circulated.

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Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks explained why this parallel is so significant.

“First of all, Richard Nixon asked John Dean to write a whitewash memo, saying he had fully investigated the accusations and that no one in the White House or on the Committee to Re-Elect the President was involved,” she said on MSNBC.

She said the Nunes memo served the same purpose.


If the guy who lived it says this is history repeating itself, then what more proof do you need? Devin Nunes repeated the mistakes of the past, crafting a memo that amounts to obstruction of justice in an effort to protect the president. That’s exactly what Dean did and he served the time for the crime. Looks like Nunes should be shaking in his boots.

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