Madeleine Albright just gave the best takedown of Devin Nunes over his Trump defense memo


It’s been less than 24 hours since the much ballyhooed release of Devin Nunes classified memo fabricating an FBI/Democratic witch hunt against President Trump, and it has already backfired in spectacular fashion.

Perhaps nobody has expressed that more perfectly than President Bill Clinton’s second Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. (Tweet below.)

The memo, written by Nunes — the Republican House Intelligence Committee Chairman who apparently lied last year when he said he was recusing himself from the Russia investigation — is a bald-faced attempt to distract and deceive from the increasingly strong criminal case against President Trump.

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Not only has the memo proven to be a politically motivated falsified account that threatens the integrity and effectiveness of America’s institutions, Nunes inadvertently bolstered the case against the president by including the FBI’s evidence against him and campaign aid Carter Page.

At the end of the day, the memo turned out to be the perfect emblem for Trump and his enablers who once again proved to be just as dangerous and nefarious as they are inept — memorons if you will.

Albright, who now teaches international relations at Georgetown University, saw the dangerous act for what it was and called out the Congressman in no uncertain term.


Bravo, Secretary Albright. Certainly, there are situations that call for diplomacy and others that are so pathetic, they must be labeled a fail.

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Sheila Norton

Sheila Norton is a writer with ten years of Capitol Hill experience. She has consulted extensively for a variety of progressive causes, including equal rights and clean energy.