Utility workers just restored power to Puerto Rico school. Students’ reaction is epic (WATCH)

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which battered the island, Puerto Rico still can’t seem to catch a break. One-third of the island remains without power, and Trump’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced only yesterday that it would halt new shipments of much-needed food and water.

But thanks to a New York delegation of over 1,000 personnel – including over 450 utility workers – power is being restored. In one school in particular, schoolchildren were caught on camera reacting to the lights finally turning on after being forced to learn for months in darkness.

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“Words cannot reach the amount of appreciation we have for the state of New York right now,” said Nicole Cruz Kreshech, an art teacher. “The fact that you guys left your families, came here knowing the condition that Puerto Rico was in. We’re hugely appreciation to what you guys have done for us.”

Puerto Rico, an American territory, has not only struggled to regain its footing in the wake of the devastating storm, but it has had to content with a hostile White House in the process. Trump, for his part, has antagonistically prodded the island in a shameless series of nearly 20 tweets.

While the President of the United States is busy lashing out at the most vulnerable American citizens among us, the people of New York gave him and his insolent, unfeeling administration a lesson in what true leadership looks like.

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Brian Tyler Cohen

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