Trump was just asked if he would fire Mueller’s boss. His answer is disturbing


At long last, the endlessly hyped House Intelligence Committee memo — that allegedly explains how the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s decision to surveil an advisor for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign represented unfair “bias” — has been released.

The release of the memo itself has proven to be nothing short of a political own-goal, undermining the Republicans’ own arguments that the FBI was targeting the Trump campaign for partisan reasons, since the memo itself clearly states that the target, Carter Page, had left the campaign when the warrant was issued – a mere 18 days before the election.

The real purpose of the memo is making itself more and more obvious — to provide a justification for President Trump to fire his deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over his refusal to swear loyalty to the President and interfere in the Justice Department’s investigation into the Trump-Russia conspiracy and the obstruction of justice investigation thereof.

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After the release of the memo this morning, AP reporter Jonathan Lemire asked Trump if he plans to fire Rosenstein, who decides the scope of Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation.  Trump replied, “You figure that one out.” 

If Trump tries to fire Rosenstein, in order to further subvert the investigation against him — which has already yielded four indictments and two convictions, with another one on the way — he will cement Mueller’s obstruction of justice case.


Russia’s Vladimir Putin has succeeded in weaponizing an American President, in order to sow discord and chaos in our democracy.

However, the man Putin chose for the job is so transparently corrupt and inept, that he is building the prosecution’s case against him.

When he goes to jail, it is our democracy that will have the last laugh.

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