Hannity just tweeted a nasty message to Comey over Trump’s release of the “memo”


Fired FBI Director James Comey took to Twitter early today in the wake of the Trump administration releasing the Nunes memo. The Republicans had promised it would be a bombshell, and Trump himself even admitted behind closed doors that he thought it would help end the Russia investigation.

Instead, we got a cherrypicked report, cobbled together and lacking context, that was laughable in how underwhelming it was. All the memo ended up showing was that the FBI surveilled Carter Page under FISA laws with some connections to the Steele dossier thrown in. It also showed that Page was surveilled after he officially left the Trump campaign.

While Nunes tried to create a narrative that the dossier was the sole reason the FBI started the investigation, the memo itself admits that the FBI was investigating George Papadopoulos before Page. The memo collapses under its own illogical weight.

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Comey accurately called the memo “dishonest and misleading.” He explained the massive amount of damage its partisan release did to our institutions:

Propagandist Sean Hannity — who reportedly consulted with Trump about the memo before its release — is, of course, rushing to attack the FBI in service of his master. He tweeted out an attack on Comey, doing his best impression of a Keystone Cop by telling Comey, a lifelong public servant an law enforcement agent, that he has “the right to remain silent.” 


It’s a blatant attempt to smear Comey and the rest of the FBI to derail the Russia investigation and save Trump’s orange hide. Hannity works for a company that has essentially become state media, going out of its way every night to praise the glorious leader and hide his latest blunders. Hannity tweeted:

Hannity has become a parody of himself. He’s a liemonger peddling conspiracies to his audience every night and he’s growing desperate now that it’s clear President Trump’s administration is on the verge of imploding completely. Hopefully, Comey responds to the tweet and blows this hateful man out of the water.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.