Devin Nunes just got awful reelection news as memo hoax backfires


The Nunes Memo hasn’t been all bad news, in fact it’s been great for one person in particular.

Andrew Janz, the Democratic challenger for Nunes’ seat in California raised over $100,000 in the last two days, immediately following the release of the memo. The total comes out to $111,506, with $54,394 raised on Friday alone according to his campaign manager.

The Fresno prosecutor also benefited from a benign internet prank. Someone arranged so that redirects to Janz’s campaign website.

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A recent poll showed a generic Democratic candidate coming within a 5 point margin of Nunes, despite his district leaning heavily red, and having gone for Trump by a wide margin in 2016.

Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, penned the controversial memo released today purporting to show partisan bias undermining the FBI’s work on the Russia Investigation.

The release of the memo, egged on by the president and Republicans, was met with outcry from the Democrats, Justice Department, and FBI officials. Opponents of the memo’s release countered that it selectively revealed facts and ultimately pushed a misleading narrative. Opponents also worry that Trump will use this broken narrative to justify firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and eventually Mueller himself.


Nunes has amassed a long list of enemies as a result of the memo, but it’s having the opposite effect for his Democratic challenger. Let’s hope Janz keeps up the winning streak all the way to the midterms this fall.

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