April 2, 2023

Trump’s favorite FOX News judge just abandoned him on live TV over phony Nunes memo [WATCH]

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Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has been at the center of the fight to release the misleading Republican-drafted memo, which intentionally paints the FBI in a bad light to undermine the American peoples’ trust in the agency as its investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal continues to home in on Trump (video below).

Using an obscure rule, the House Intelligence Committee, which Rep. Nunes leads, voted to send the memo to President Trump so he can release it to the public after a review. But news broke late Wednesday that Nunes had altered the memo before passing it on to the White House, a potentially massive problem.

Democrats have been crying foul, while most Republicans and their allies in the right wing media have been trying to downplay the maneuver altogether.

Andrew Napolitano, Fox News legal analysts and former judge, is not one those Republicans rushing to defend Nunes.  Appearing on Fox & Friends this morning, Napolitano didn’t mince words when he was asked the characterize the controversy surrounding Rep. Nunes memo stunt.

“This is about very serious material, this is about raw intelligence data and interpreting it,” Napolitano said on President Trump’s favorite TV show.  “If you’re going to shade the interpretation of raw intelligence data to please political needs, that is very wrong and highly misleading, and innocent people will suffer because of that.”

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By attempting to politicize the FBI, Rep. Nunes is effectively doing Russia’s bidding. The Kremlin, of course, launched a massive misinformation campaign leading up to the 2016 election in favor of Trump. Despite the fact that Americans are growing more and more aware of Russia’s meddling – especially on Twitter and Facebook – Nunes’ blind devotion to the Kremlin’s agenda is especially disturbing.

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While the Republican Party continues to dismantle itself and abandon our closest international allies in an effort to protect a deeply unpopular President, they will have plenty to answer for at the polls in November.

You can watch Judge Napolitano’s blunt rebuke of Rep. Nunes’ latest dog and pony show below.

Peter Mellado

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