February 6, 2023

Trump just announced that he’s going to release the Nunes memo amid FBI backlash

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As expected, President Trump is approving the release of a memo written by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee concerning the roots of the Russia-Trump investigation by the FBI which conservatives believe will derail the entire effort to find the truth about Russian interference in the 2016 election and collusion by the Russians by Trump and his presidential campaign, as well as his obstruction of justice since.


Trump gleefully signaled his intent to approve the release of the memo, which contains highly classified information, as he left the State of the Union address, even though he had not yet read the contents of the memo.

What Trump already knew was that the four-page memo prepared under the supervision of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) without input from the FBI or the Democratic minority on the committee draws on parts of information gathered by the Department of Justice to make the case that the original FISA warrant which kicked off the investigation should never have been approved.

Democrats led by the committees ranking member, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Ca.) have strenuously objected to releasing the memo which the FBI in a statement yesterday charactered as misleading, adding that it has “grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”

“Senior Justice Department officials,” reports The Hill, “including FBI Director Christopher Wrap and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein have lobbied the White House and the Intelligence Committee against releasing the document.”

Democrats, led by Schiff, have drafted their own memo to provide additional information and counter what they see as inaccuracies in the Republican memo, but on Monday night at the same meeting where the majority Republicans approved release of their memo to the public, they voted not to allow release of the Democratic memo which could provide a counter-balance to the classified information being revealed.

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Last night, Schiff also said that he had seen the version of the memo sent to Trump for approval and it has been changed from the one that the committee saw and approved. Republicans say the changes were minor but Schiff insists that Republicans “made material changes….which (Democratic members of the committee) were never appraised of, never had the opportunity to review and never approved.”

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Nunes has a reputation for being close to Trump, doing his bidding even when it is unethical and using the majority’s voting power to trample over every objection.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) demanded House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc,) “put an end to this charade” after seeing Schiff’s letter to Nunes objecting to the changes made without the approval of the full committee.

“It’s clear that Chairman Nunes will seemingly stop at nothing to undermine the rule of law and interfere with the Russia probe,” said Schumer, according to The Hill.

“He’s been willing to carry the White House’s water,” continued Schumer, “attack our law enforcement and intelligence officials, and now to mislead his House colleagues. If Speaker Ryan cares about the integrity of the House or the rule of law, he will put an end to this charade once and for all.”

The real purpose of the memo, reports The Hill, is to “kneecap special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”

Trump has other motives for approving the release of classified information far more material than anything Secretary Hillary Clinton was accused of putting on her private email server, which led Trump during the 2016 campaign to repeatedly for her to be put in jail.

Trump has been looking for an excuse to fire key officials at his own Department of Justice who he apparently feels are not loyal enough to him. Instead, they are upholding the long tradition of Justice and the FBI having the right to follow the law no matter what political pressures are pushed by the White House.

“Senior White House officials and advisers say that President Trump wants the document published because he sees it as key to making changes at the Justice Department,” reports The Washington Post,particularly pushing out Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”

Trump has “broken long-held protocols by directly calling Justice Department officials,” added The Washington Post, “and instructed his chief of staff to do the same, without the White House counsel on the phone.”

So Trump is acting like a petty dictator who ignores the law, tradition and even the Constitution to protect his job and allow him to stay in power.

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For weeks, Trump and his team have orchestrated a campaign to discredit the FBI, U.S. intelligence sources and even his own Justice Department in a desperate attempt to stop the facts from coming out about the Russians and his campaign, and his own improper attempts to obstruct justice as a cover-up of his misdeeds.

Trump and the Republicans are delusional if they think that this partisan memo which has as much credibility as Russian President Putin saying he did not hack the 2016 election is going to change minds, kill the investigations and help Republicans win elections in the future.

In the end, the American people will see through this effort to subvert justice and it will be more evidence that Trump is the least honest, most disrespectful and untrustworthy person ever to live in the White House.

What he thinks is smart could well come back to bite him in the butt in the future. 

Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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