Trump Jr. just gave Mueller evidence, ruined his dad’s Russia coverup in two telling tweets


The First Son must have been last in his class.  He flagrantly exposed the dimness of his intellect in not one, but two tweets today.

This afternoon, Trump Jr. revealed that Andrew McCabe, who earlier this week announced his “resignation” as deputy FBI director, was in fact fired by President Trump, in a blatant case of obstruction of justice.

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With the help of his congressional Republican henchmen, especially House Intel chair Devin Nunes, the Criminal-in-Chief has framed, fired, or threatened to fire everyone investigating his conspiracy with Russia.


Equally incriminating, the heir to incompetence earlier today “liked” a FOX News tweet announcing that 1.4 million Twitter users engaged with Russian propaganda during the 2016 presidential election — essentially patting himself and his brother-in-law Jared Kushner on the back for illegally sharing data with Russia, in order to illegitimately install Trump Sr. as leader of the free world.

With new revelations exposing that Trump wanted to release Nunes’ bogus memo smearing the FBI, in order to deliberately stymie the Russia probe, Don Jr.’s genetic propensity to tweet recklessly is not doing his dad any favors.

However, since the tweets can be entered as evidence of motive and frame of mind in a court of law, the Trump men are doing Mueller, and the rest of us, plenty of favors.

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