Alyssa Milano just gave Trump the worst morning news about his State of the Union speech

Well aware of Trump’s narcissism and misplaced priorities, Alyssa Milano gave Trump some news that he’s certain not to like.

The actress hit Trump right where it hurts with the news that his State of the Union ratings fell by nine percent since his comparable speech – an address to a joint session of Congress – in February of last year.

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To make matters worse for the decidedly insecure president, the returns on Trump’s speech, which ran about an hour and twenty minutes, were lower than Obama’s first SOTU speech in 2010.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

For a presidency, addresses tend to start high (of late, with an unofficial speech weeks into office) and steadily lose steam — with obvious exceptions in times of war or uncertainty. Obama kicked off the first of his eight addresses in the House chamber with 52.4 million viewers in 2009.

Trump’s obsession with ratings has frequently been on full display, both before and during his presidency.

With the lowest approval ratings of any Commander-in-Chief at this point in his presidency in modern history, perhaps Trump should focus on governing instead of the television.

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Brian Tyler Cohen

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