December 6, 2022

Trump just told a lie at State of the Union that left entire chamber booing (WATCH)

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During his divisive State of the Union speech, Trump took a nasty shot at hardworking immigrants who sacrifice everything to pursue a better life in this country. He issued a foul decree against “chain migration,” which is an insulting euphemism popularized by Republicans. What he means to say is “family reunification.”


Watch the clip from his speech here.

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Trump decried “chain migration,” when in fact he himself has benefitted from it. Trump’s own family is a product of “chain migration.” His grandfather and mother followed siblings here from Europe. His own in-laws, Melania’s parents, immigrated here to join their daughter.

Melania’s parents are likely here on visitor’s visa, but their primary reason for being in this country is to help their daughter care for her son, Barron.

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This is exactly the same situation many immigrants from Trump’s so-called “shithole countries” find themselves in. And yet Trump can’t see the connection between his own family’s story and that of the millions of families working hard to stay together and achieve their own “American dream.”

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Trump opponents countered his misleading language on Twitter.

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