Sean Hannity’s secret back channel to WikiLeaks just got exposed

Trump’s favorite Fox News lapdog just had his secret back channel to the head of Wikileaks inadvertently exposed by a bored woman in Texas. It all went down in the DMs between Wikileaks’ Julian Assange and who he thought was the real Sean Hannity. (images below)

Conspiracy theorist Sean Hannity had his Twitter account taken down after a hacking incident this weekend and Dell Gillam had nothing to do while fighting a minor illness, so she created a parody account named @SeanHannity_.

Gillam proceeded to write a series of screeching complaints and cry like an irritated newborn baby about Hannity’s switched off Twitter account – perfectly in character as the Fox entertainer – until suddenly, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reached out to her from London, thinking she was the real McCoy. The Daily Beast reports:

When Gilliam made the account, she did not expect to be setting up a meeting over “other channels” for Assange to send “some news about Warner,” an apparent reference to Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“I can’t believe this is happening. I mean… I can. It’s crazy. Nothing can be put past people,” Gilliam, posing as Hannity, wrote to Assange. “I’m exhausted from the whole night. What about you, though? You doing ok?”

“I’m happy as long as there is a fight!” Assange responded.

Gilliam reassured Assange that she, or Hannity, was also “definitely up for a fight” and set up a call for 9:30 a.m. Eastern, about six hours later.

“You can send me messages on other channels,” said Assange, the second reference to “other channels” he made since their conversation began.

“Have some news about Warner.”

Amazingly, Senator Warner did make headlines just yesterday, when he explained that a massive treasure trove of evidence about Russia’s attack on the 2016 elections arrived last month.

Somehow, information about Democratic Senator Warner’s plans leaked all the way from DC to the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, where Assange is still hiding out from a UK warrant for skipping bail.

If you’ve been wondering how Fox News and Wikileaks seem to be promoting the same fake news, then Dell Gillam’s perfectly timed and executed parody account is a ray of sunshine in the murky world of political alliances.

But it shouldn’t come as a total surprise after Donald Trump Jr. released a series of Twitter DMs in which Wikileaks acted like a political consultant or advisor to the President’s son, potentially influencing him to publicly release potentially incriminating “smoking gun” emails last summer about a meeting at Trump Tower with Russians.

Crucially, the news of a secret back channel to Assange shines the spotlight on Sean Hannity as another potential bridge between the Trump Campaign and Wikileaks.

Nobody has been more obediently loyal to Donald Trump than Sean Hannity, who uses his national radio audience and Fox program to personally spin the President’s own personal fake news, though it almost got him kicked off the air.

Just this past week, Hannity made national headlines for his obsequious “look at the squirrel” defense of Trump, following an embarrassing on-air correction and pledge to not talk about obstruction of justice on the show.

It’s amazing that Wikileaks’ founding fugitive would publicly expose his relationship with Fox’s Hannity at a key moment when the Senate says they’ve got new information that will draw the President further into the narrative of collusion with Russia, and its proxy Julian Assange.

Because we now know that Julian Assange is very interested in the results of the bipartisan, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which is surely investigating his role in distributing stolen Democratic emails during the 2016 election.

Read Wikileaks’ DMs to Fox News entertainer and conspiracy theorist Sean Hannity via The Daily Beast

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