Joe Kennedy just took epic swipe at Trump’s obsession with crowd size in SOTU response

In his official Democratic rebuttal to Trump’s State of the Union speech, Rep. Joe Kennedy III hit him where it hurts.

The Massachusetts Representative took a shot at Trump’s delusional obsession with crowd size. “For [this administration], dignity isn’t something you’re born with but something you measure,” Kennedy said. “By your net worth, your celebrity, your headlines, your crowd size.” (Video below.)

The insecure President has been laser focused on the size of the crowds at his rallies, his speeches, and most famously, his inauguration.

The National Park Service, which administers the Mall, where crowds gather for the inauguration, was chastised and neutered in the hours and days following Trump’s big day. This telling photo was the subject of much debate.

Trump then sent out now disgraced former Press Secretary Sean Spicer to the wolves to defend the headcount at his inauguration. He has since admitted to doing it and that it was wrong.

The argument reared its head again when Trump and Melania drew few fans for the annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree. The numbers were dismal, according to reports on Twitter.

The argument dogs him wherever he goes, dating all the way back to the campaign trail and the victory rallies he held after his 2016 election win. Trump got in a fight with a Washington Post reporter over the alleged crowd size at a Pensacola rally in December 2016.

He called for Dave Weigel to be fired from the Washington Post for his tweet and subsequent retraction, that’s how serious he is about defending the size of his crowds.

He did it again as recently as last week, while attending the world economic forum in Davos. Trump took credit for bringing crowds to Davos like they’ve never seen before.

No doubt Rep. Kennedy’s jab will hit Trump where it hurts.