December 1, 2022

High school student who reported undocumented classmate to ICE just got what he deserves

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A Gainesville, Florida high school student who bragged about reporting an undocumented classmate to ICE has just been expelled.


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Cory Carnley bragged, “MFW I report an illegal who goes to my school to ICE,” in the caption of a photo where he posed in front of a portrait of Trump after the incident.

The principal of Carnley’s high school, David Shelnutt, issued a statement.

“The student who made the postings is no longer attending GHS. I hope it will also serve as a learning opportunity for our students,” he added.

Carnley had a strong presence on Reddit where he’d express his racist viewpoints ad nauseam through a pair of accounts, according to

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Racism has been on the rise since Trump’s election in 2016, but with the recent slew of Democratic wins in previously Trump-held regions, it looks like the tide is finally turning.

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