The Trump White House just humiliated themselves with typo-ridden State of the Union invitations

Trump is set to unleash rhetorical atrocities upon the world with his upcoming State of the Union address tomorrow. At this point, it seems safe to presume that we will be subjected to a noxious stew of Stephen Miller’s most racist thoughts, complaints about the media, and rambling incoherence.

There is little chance it goes well and what few indicators we have from the administration thus far hardly inspire confidence.

Apparently, the Republicans can’t even get the invitations right. In what is surely an omen of impending travesty, the White House sent out invitations for the State of the Union but called it the State of the “Uniom.” 

It’s pretty astonishing that the mistake was not only made, but printed, and then distributed. So either no one noticed the problem, or the collective team didn’t care enough to have new ones printed.

The misspelled cards quickly went viral on Twitter, as users were eager to share the latest incident of the Trump administration showcasing just how incompetent it is across the board.

Trump has said his State of the Union address is an “important speech” that will cover a “lot of territory” with a focus on bipartisanship. But it seems that before he focuses on bridging the historically wide gap between Democrats and the GOP he should first concentrate on making sure the invitations to the actual event are done correctly.

While it may be a small thing to harp on, issuing an invitation for the State of the Union with such a glaring typo speaks to a culture of neglect and incompetence that seems to infect the Trump administration from the top down. It’s something that wouldn’t occur if everyone working for Trump was paying a little more attention.