December 1, 2022

Don Jr. just tried to complain about McCabe’s pension and it backfired spectacularly

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Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter this morning to complain about the fact that Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI who was forced out of his position two months before his planned retirement, still was going to receive pay and a pension for his twenty-two years of service to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


The issue at hand is apparently the fact that McCabe will still be on the FBI’s payroll and will be receiving his pension despite not working at the FBI for the next two months – a complaint that the President himself has brought up, likely inspiring Don Jr.’s attention-seeking tweet.

The idea of Donald Trump Jr. having an issue with receiving things or benefits that they haven’t earned is absolutely ridiculous since the only thing Donald Trump Jr. has ever accomplished is being born into a megawealthy, being bought an Ivy League education, and then being handed a job and a huge salary at his father’s company.

Andrew McCabe has served our country for twenty-two years in the FBI, helping solve the mystery of the Boston Marathon bombings and securing the arrest of one of the men responsible for the 2012 attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

McCabe has certainly earned his pension – and the denizens of Twitter are having a field day scolding Don Jr. for trying to argue that McCabe should be stripped of his earned benefits simply because he’s been turned into a Republican scapegoat.

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