Top Republican just launched a disgusting attack on Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s health


Former Arkansas Governor-turned TV Host Mike Huckabee reverted to old tactics and took aim at Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a tasteless tweet.

The beloved Supreme Court Justice announced her intention to boycott Trump’s State of the Union. Huckabee, who couldn’t even be bothered to spell her name right, responded with a low blow insult.

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When you’ve served in the highest court in the land for almost 25 years, then maybe you can criticize, Mike Huckabee. But it looks like your resume comes up short in a side by side comparison. Huckabee served as Governor of Arkansas until 2007. He has since been a host of his own show “Huckabee,” on TBN.

This isn’t the first time Huckabee has resorted to misusing medical conditions as slurs. In 2015, during his campaign for the Republican nomination for President, Huckabee criticized Justice John Roberts for two very different decisions he delivered in the Supreme Court. He characterized Roberts as “Schizophrenic,” for displaying symptoms of a split personality.


Huckabee ran afoul of mental health advocates, who corrected the misconception that schizophrenia symptoms include split personalities – that’s dissociative identity disorder – and for using the condition as an insult.

The internet rallied in support of Ginsburg and swiftly shut down Huckabee.

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