London just planned “biggest protest in UK history” against Trump visit


Trump probably shouldn’t expect the warmest of welcomes when he finally shows his face in London after postponing his state visit numerous times in the last year.

Londoners have vowed to hold the biggest demonstration against Trump the city has ever seen. One Facebook event already has 21,000 people signed up to go.

After Trump announced his intention to visit, prominent UK citizens started calling for the demonstrations. Everyone from lawmakers like David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham to the comedian Stephen Fry got in on the action.

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Lammy responded to the announcement by saying, ““To be met by the biggest protest this country has ever seen. Who’s in?”

Stephen Fry chimed in on twitter.


Trump announced plans for the visit in an appearance on Piers Morgan’s show. It came after productive talks between Trump and Theresa May at Davos.

May first extended the invitation for a state visit after she became the first world leader to visit Trump’s white house following his inauguration.

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Nailing down a firm plan for the trip, however, has proved challenging, with plans made and cancelled numerous times over the past year.

Trump ran afoul of UK leaders after criticizing them on Twitter. Following a terror attack on London Bridge last year, Trump called out London Mayor Saadiq Khan on Twitter and took the opportunity to play up his own Muslim ban at home. That didn’t play well with Khan or Londoners, as they say it as self-aggrandizement at the worst possible time.

Trump cancelled his most recent planned visit, saying he had a problem with the “bad deal” made to relocate the US embassy in the UK, attributing that deal to the Obama Administration. The decision to build a new embassy was, in fact, a Bush era decision.


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