December 1, 2022

FOX News just used a laughable tactic to distance itself from Steve Wynn amid sex scandal

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After an explosive report in The Wall Street Journal exposed decades of highly documented sexual assault and misconduct allegations against Steve Wynn, the casino mogul turned Republican National Committee Finance Chairman resigned his position as the Republican Party’s chief fundraiser.


Fox News wasted no time spinning the story so that it somehow reflected poorly on democrats. The news network ran a segment tracking Wynn’s donations to Democratic lawmakers, apparently trying to obscure the fact that he was the head of the RNC Finance Committee.

Wynn’s resignation rocked the Republican establishment, but apparently not enough to keep them from their usual spin doctor tactics.

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“Today I accepted Steve Wynn’s resignation as Republican National Committee finance chair,” said RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel.

Politico reported that McDaniel spoke with President Trump about his personally chosen pick for the Finance Chairman this morning before making her announcement.

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While Wynn has donated million of his own money to the Republican Party as head of Republican fundraising he also acted as a “rainmaker,” soliciting donations from other wealthy oligarchs to fund their continuing takeover of our government.

While the GOP has accepted Wynn’s resignation, there is yet no word on whether they will do what they repeatedly insisted that Democrats do with the substantial sums of money donated to their party by Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein and return it.

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Wynn’s downfall was relatively swift after The Wall Street Journal report indicated that he had pressured numerous employees of his hotel and casino empire to “perform sexual acts,” including massaging “his penis to climax” and gave the details of a $7.5 million settlement awarded to a married staff manicurist pressured into sex with her 76-year-old boss.

Wynn denies the allegations as the nefarious by-product of a lawsuit by his ex-wife as she tries to revise their divorce settlement. Despite the denials, his resignation speaks volumes about the veracity of the allegations, as does the company the friend of the President keeps.

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