Hannity was just forced to correct himself on air about Trump trying to fire Mueller (WATCH)

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Trump’s most loyal Fox News shill was forced to do an embarrassing 180-degree turn on air within the same program and admit that President Trump gave an illegal order to fire Special Counsel Mueller last year. (video below)

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Fox’s Sean Hannity isn’t part of the “news” division and famously said that he’s not a journalist, leaving him free to spin President Trump’s favorite conspiracy theories, complain about shoddy memos and ‘secret societies’ without much consequence for telling baseless fairy tales to his conservative viewers.

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Hannity tried to spin Trump’s “no comment” to the Times into denying the true story about White House Counsel Don McGahn refusing to fire Mueller to totally misinform his conservative viewers:

“They’re trying to change the story. At this time, the New York Times is trying to distract you.”

“They have a story out that President Trump wanted Mueller fired, sometime last June… and the President’s attorney ‘dismissed the story’ and says, nope, no comment, we’re not going there.”

But Hannity’s dogged attempts to deny the President’s act fell apart when Fox’s producers made him inform viewers that their news correspondent Ed Henry independently confirmed the New York Times’ bombshell report of Trump’s attempt to fire Mueller.

Sean Hannity acted like a child forced to swallow castor oil when forced to share the devastating news about his buddy Trump:

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“So we have sources tonight, just confirming to Ed Henry, that yeah, maybe.”

“Donald Trump, wanted to fire, the Special Counsel, for conflict. Does he not have the right to raise those questions?”

But Hannity seamlessly shifted from important breaking news to working overtime to distract his audience by deflecting tonight’s devastating news for the White House.

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The Fox propagandist told his audience that the worst political moment in DC since Watergate was less important than a lurid police chase video from Arizona.

“Ya know. We’ll deal with this tomorrow night. We have a shocking video of the day to bring you by the way.”

Tonight’s Hannity flip-flop is one of the worst examples of propaganda designed to confuse and distract viewers, leading to the “Fox News Effect” where people who watch Rupert Murdoch’s Republican lie machine are less informed than people who watch no news at all.

Hannity is one of the last remaining Fox News original broadcast hosts, and it’s long past time he followed the station’s disgraced demagogues like Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes into the past of television news.

Watch Hannity eat crow on live TV tonight:

Grant Stern

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