December 8, 2022

Trump just got exposed trying to fire Mueller. What FOX News is reporting now is laughable

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The media establishment is roiling trying to process the news that Trump actually ordered Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired last June. Meanwhile, on Fox News, they’ve dug up a real reach from 2005, an old photo they’re hoping might distract and somehow undo the Obama legacy retroactively.


News broke moments ago that The New York Times had confirmed reports Trump tried to have Mueller fired last June, but walked it back only when White House Counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign over it.

The revelation gives credence to rumors to that effect that were circling around June of last year, and it also heightens the suspense of Mueller’s investigation today. Everyone’s waiting with bated breath for what will happen next.

Everyone, that is, except for the peanut gallery keeping the lights on at Fox News.

Tucker Carlson was doing his best “no, look over here!” just as the news was ricocheting across Twitter.

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The Twitterverse saw him and called him out for acting a fool almost instantly.

Fox: taking the “News” out of “News.”



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