Trump just embarrassed himself babbling like a schoolchild about his relationship with Theresa May


President Trump made an effort to repair his rocky relationship with British Prime Minister Theresa May today in Davos, Switzerland, where the two are attending the World Economic Forum.

Their “relationship” has been greatly tested by President Trump’s rudeness and utter disdain for his female counterpart across the pond; he reportedly interrupts her constantly when the two speak on the phone, made outrageous demands of her for his now indefinitely postponed state visit, and accused British intelligence of helping President Barack Obama wiretap Trump tower with no evidence, which he, of course, has not apologized for.

Intent on putting those concerns to rest, the President promptly began babbling like a child and putting us all to shame with his effusive yet evidently insincere insistence that they “like each other alot.”

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“We have a really great relationship. Some people don’t necessarily believe that, but I can tell you, I have tremendous respect for the Prime Minister, I think the feeling is mutual from the standpoint of liking each other alot.”

This is a common trope for Trump pronouncements; no matter who he’s meeting or their past, he always insists that he has a “great, tremendous” relationship with that person – which makes it clear that far instead of being concerned with the politics involved, his first and only priority is to assure himself that he is liked and respected on a personal level.



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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

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