Top Senate Democrat just mocked the Republican FBI witch hunt with epic comparison

After Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin got caught cynically propagating the unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that the FBI has a “secret society” staging a presidential coup, Virginia Democrat, Senator Mark Warner, mocked his colleagues’ transparent ploy to obstruct the Russia investigation against Trump. 

By linking the Republicans’ witch hunt with the biggest conspiracy theory of all time, Warner highlights the lengths to which the disloyal opposition will go to protect one-party rule — even slandering a-political democratic institutions like the FBI.

Republicans pretend to forget that fired FBI chief James Comey handed Trump the proverbial keys to the Oval Office.

Warner followed up his jab with a head-on denouncement of the Republicans’ undemocratic propaganda campaign intended to discredit those investigating Trump’s Russia conspiracymoney laundering, and obstruction of justice.

Warner’s statements are spot-on.  By politicizing the FBI and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller for trying to keep our nation safe and our Constitution intact, Republicans have established their willingness to put party before country, and themselves on the wrong side of history.

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Lucia Brawley

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