March 20, 2023

CNN’s Chris Cuomo just humiliated Scaramucci for defending Trump’s plan to fire Mueller

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In the wake of stunning news that Trump order Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired last June – but was only stopped when White House Counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign over it – our old friend Scaramucci is back to his old tricks.

The 11-day veteran of the White House Comms office went on Chris Cuomo’s show to issue a truly head spinning defense of the President-cum-takedown of the New York Times’ dogged reporting.

First he tried to lay the blame on erstwhile Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

“I find it very ironic that this information is coming out while [Donald Trump] is here in Davos while he’s had great fanfare,” Scaramucci said. “Between you and me I would like to get a look at somebody like Steve Bannon’s phone records to see who he’s talking to and how this information is out there.”

Then he walked it back, saying that any information surrounding this exchange between Trump and McGahn never should have leaked because it’s privileged information – protected under attorney/client privilege.

But former White House Ethics Chief Walter Shaub shut that argument down effortlessly on twitter.

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All that was left for Scaramucci to do was fumble and sputter his way through the interview, at least this time refraining from the expletive-laced tirade he issued in his last major media appearance.

Scaramucci famously flamed out while trying to hold on to the cursed White House Communications Director position. He went on a foul mouthed rant on the record with a New Yorker Reporter, paving the way for maybe the most dramatic White House exit in a young administration filled with them.

Here he is trying to regain some of his former glory but failing to do so with faulty arguments.

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