March 23, 2023

An alternate event was just announced that’ll overshadow Trump’s State of the Union speech

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A collective of vocal anti-Trump celebrities are gearing up to go toe-to-toe with the President’s State of the Union speech next week.

“The People’s State of the Union” will be held on Monday night, January 29, a day before Trump is scheduled to give his state of the union speech on live television.

The group of celebrities, led by vocal activist Mark Ruffalo, includes director Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Cynthia Nixon, and Rosie Perez.

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Ruffalo explained the nature of the event to People Magazine.

“In essence, it’s a better reflection of our state of the union based on a more populist point of view, based on the people’s point of view. I think it’s important because we have a president who has a difficult time with the truth, who has a radical, divisive agenda, and spends an enormous amount of time focusing on the negative and hopelessness and despair.”

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The event, which will include artists, celebrities, and activists is being hosted by the organizations We Stand United, Political Action, and Stand Up America.

Other special guests slated to appear at the event include the comedian Wanda Sykes, actress Zoe Kravitz, rapper Common, singer Andra Day, and actress Kathy Najimy.

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It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the event will be televised, but given “Spotlight” star Mark Ruffalo’s penchant for making a statement, no doubt he’ll get the word out about it.

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