December 1, 2022

Trump appointee just launched a disgusting attack on CNN’s April Ryan in now-deleted tweet

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A Department of Housing and Urban Development official who worked as a vice-president of the Eric Trump Foundation wrote an insulting and demeaning tweet aimed at CNN political analyst April Ryan today in a devastating personal attack.


Lynne Patton posted the tweet on her personal account rather than her official HUD Twitter page, but the political appointee who had worked for the Trump family for seven years didn’t hold back in showing her lack of respect for the acclaimed journalist.

Patton is one of the few African-American political appointees in the Trump administration, and her attacks on one of the senior black White House correspondents drew considerable flack from the Twitterverse.

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The pushback on her nerve-striking insult was intense enough that Patton later deleted her tweet and posted this apology for her actions.

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