Leaked letter from Trump’s own DOJ slams Republicans and Nunes for dangerous memo

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A Department of Justice lawyer just sent a stern letter (embedded below) of warning of dire consequences to the troubled Republican chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) over his plan to release classified national security information in a desperate attempt to create a smokescreen for Donald Trump.

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In the process, the DOJ’s lawyer destroyed yet another GOP ‘made for Fox News’ public relations spin campaign.

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Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is the powerful chairman of the House Intel Committee, and a former member of the Trump Transition team.  These days, he’s more famous for his endless maneuvering to obstruct his own committee’s ability to function.

His scheming is now reaching a fever pitch with his plan to release a memo filled with classified material insulting the FBI.

Assistant Attorney General Steven E. Boyd revealed the most absurd part of the entire Nunes “release the memo” saga. He wrote that the Republican Congressman hasn’t even reviewed his own memo yet:

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Seeking committee approval of public release would require the HPSCI committee members to vote on a staff-drafted memorandum that purports to be based on classified source materials that neither you nor most of them have seen.

Given the HPSCI’s important role in overseeing the nation’s intelligence community, you well understand the damaging impact that the release of classified material could have on our national security…

You read that right.  The California congressman, with one of the top two national security oversight chairmanships, is willing to publicly release secretive national security information which he has not even personally read, nor anyone on the committee.

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The author of the DOJ’s extraordinary letter, Assistant AG Boyd, is a Republican former aide to then Alabama Senator, now Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

That didn’t stop him from proceeding to excoriate Rep. Nunes for abusing his office.  The letter continues:

We have heard that the HSPCI is considering making the classified memorandum available to the public and the media, an unprecedented action.

We believe it would be extraordinarily reckless for the committee to disclose such information publicly without giving the Department and the FBI the opportunity to review the memorandum…

Last year, Rep. Nunes threw his political career and America’s national security into chaos when, directed by the Trump White House, he engineered the release of documents that purportedly corroborated President Trump’s infamous March 4th tweet accusing President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the campaign.

This led Nunes stepping down as chairman and recusing himself from his committee’s investigations into Russian collusion, as well as an ethics investigation in the House.

This hasn’t slowed Nunes down one bit.  Despite his supposedly lessened role, he’s managed to continue doing everything in his power to run a rogue investigation focused primarily on the FBI in their role investigating Russian election interference.

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Assistant AG Boyd did his professional duty in exemplary fashion by responding forcefully to Rep. Nunes’ attempt to abuse his official position for partisan gain in a blatant attempt to protect President Trump.

His letter unceremoniously unmasks the utter absurdity of Republican efforts to craft red herrings to help President Trump, at all costs, placing party over country.

Read the entire memo here:

DOJ Letter Warns Nunes Not To Release The Memo Which HE HASN’T EVEN READ by Grant Stern on Scribd

Grant Stern

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Grant Stern is a columnist for the Washington Press. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.

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