Burger King just took rare political swipe at Republicans with epic, viral ad (WATCH)


Exploding onto the scene with a rare political statement, Burger King released an ad aimed at the Republican-led FCC and their recent decision to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules regulating broadband companies’ power over consumers’ use of the internet.

Burger King mocked the ruling by instituting their own version of net neutrality, charging their customers as much as $26 to get their Whopper instantly. If customers opted not to pay, they would have to wait an arbitrary amount of time.

Customers were rightly furious. As are, rightly, internet users.

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Given the decision’s extreme unpopularity in the United States – a staggering 83 percent of Americans support the Obama era net neutrality rules – the Republican decision to flout the will of Americans is only the latest in a long, shameful list of grievances that is certain to drive Americans en masse to the polls as midterms fast approach.


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