February 6, 2023

Kristen Bell just publicly called out Melania Trump at SAG Awards

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It’s awards season and at the second big show of the year – the Screen Actors Guild Awards – we got another installment of celebrities being political (raised fist emoji).


Kristen Bell was this year’s host — the show’s first ever and the show’s first lady.

The star of “Frozen” and “The Good Place” took the opportunity to take a few jabs at our other First Lady Melania.  Watch her opening monologue.

Bell announced that her first act as First Lady would be to take on cyberbullying, because we really haven’t seen much movement on that.

First Lady Melania Trump famously announced that her pet project while in the White House would be to work to combat cyberbullying. It took a while to get off the ground, not least of all because it took her a while to consent to move into the White House.

It was something of a baffling choice considering she’s married to our nation’s foremost cyber bully.

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Just days after Trump dubbed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket Man” on Twitter, Melania showed up at the UN to give this tone deaf speech that was also overshadowed by her sleeves.

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Clearly, Melania’s campaign to end cyberbullying hasn’t really found its stride yet. Since he debuted Little Rocket Man, Trump has also taken to Twitter to bestow such titles as “Sloppy Steve,” Bannon, after he crossed the boss and spoke to Michael Wolff for “Fire and Fury.” There was “Sneaky Diane,” Feinstein, for her decision to release transcripts of Fusion GPS testimony in the Russia Investigation.

Also, “Psycho Joe” Scarborough and “Low IQ Mika” Brzezinski went to the co-hosts of Morning Joe.

Way back during the campaign, he took down “Low Energy Jeb” Bush, “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz, “Little Marco” Rubio, “Crazy Bernie” Sanders, and of course “Crooked Hillary.”

Trump’s cyberbullies so many people since busting on to the political scene that his nicknames now have their own wikipedia page.

Melania may need to rethink her strategy on the cyberbullying front.

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