December 8, 2022

Trump just tried to distance himself from more advisers. NY Times reporter’s response is epic

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The rumor mills are churning and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman saw the writing on the wall.


An axios newsletter reported the latest whispers from inside the White House and spotted two new targets on the backs of (former) Trump administration insiders. Looks like Wilbur Ross and Ryan Zinke may be on the outs, the next in line to get “Flynned” or “Papadopoulosed” or “Bannoned,” depending on which rolls off the tongue most easily.

That is to say, it looks like White House insiders are trying to systematically distance Trump from Interior Secretary Zinke and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

This is exactly what happened to the aforementioned former White House and campaign aides, but only after news broke of their various malfeasances.

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Trump is reportedly displeased with Zinke over the handling of an announcement opening up all US waters to new oil drilling and subsequent exemption of Florida from that plan. The announcement and the exemption sparked outrage from lawmakers from all the coastal states as well as climate change and environmental supporters across the country.

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According to Axios, Zinke seems to have acted alone without consulting the President about his decision to exempt Florida from the plan. Experts have argued that the seemingly arbitrary exemption of one state opens up the entire drilling plan to legal challenge. Trump seems to have seen that as a threat to his America First energy plan.

Wilbur Ross has disappointed Trump at the negotiating table. He was tasked with making inroads on trade with China. Apparently his only accomplishment of note has been to open up a deal allowing imports of Chinese cooked chicken. And while that’s a delicious proposition, Trump is not impressed.

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Ross is also famous for dozing off in meetings, which displeases even the laziest President in recent memory.

After the dismissal or disgrace of other former White House officials, the comms shop has moved to swiftly rewrite history. George Papadopoulos went from a foreign policy adviser on the campaign to a lowly coffee boy no one really knew after he cut a deal with Mueller for lying to the FBI.

Flynn went from National Security Advisor to barely some guy Trump knew from parties and stuff after he was forced to step down and brought up on charges in the Russia investigation.

And Steve Bannon, who was once hailed as “President Bannon” and the architect of the entire Trump win, can barely get the White House to take his calls now. The former campaign manager was referred to as barely an acquaintance by Sarah Huckabee Sanders in press briefings following leaks traced back to him in the bombshell book “Fire and Fury.”

So it looks like Ross and Zinke might be next up to receive the same cold shoulder. They shouldn’t take it personally.

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