March 25, 2023

Trump just tried to disown a racist ad. Chuck Todd’s response is spot on

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On Meet the Press, a Trump official got caught in a nasty lie that he tried desperately tried to walk back from.

Chuck Todd took on White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short over a racist ad running on TV right now. The ad says that the Democrats are complicit in every murder committed by an undocumented immigrant. Watch the ad here.

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As is required by law, the ad – produced by the Trump campaign – ends with an endorsement from Donald J. Trump himself. You can hear his slimy voice at the end endorsing this message.

Todd took Short to task for the Trump Campaign running this shameful ad in the heat of government shutdown negotiations. As of midnight on Friday, when Republicans failed to come to an agreement, the government has been in shutdown mode. The two parties are struggling at the negotiating table, both sides digging in to entrenched positions.

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Chuck Todd asked Marc Short how unfairly blaming Democrats for murder on television right now could possibly make for a clearer path to reaching an agreement to get the government up and running again.

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Marc Short claimed the ad was made by “an outside group.” Todd cornered him yet again asking how “Donald J. Trump for President” is an outside group.

Short sputtered and struggled to come up with a suitable explanation, settling tenuously on the claim that the ad wasn’t made by people literally inside the White House. But the writing’s on the wall. Trump can be heard loud and clear making known what he thinks of his supposed partners in negotiation: he’d blame them for alleged murders committed by undocumented immigrants.

Nevermind that Dreamers commit crimes and are incarcerated at a staggeringly lower rate than native born Americans. In one survey, 90% of Dreamers reported that they held steady jobs. In the same survey, 72% were pursuing higher education. And most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, support a clean DACA bill that would allow the Dreamers to stay in the country.

Trump isn’t doing anyone any favors running this racist attack ad now, with delicate negotiations going on. And his surrogates aren’t helping by going on TV and stumbling around like idiots with no clear messaging on how or why this ad went out in the first place. It’s yet another example of the vast incompetence that rules this administration.

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