December 8, 2022

Governor Cuomo just struck back against Trump’s shutdown with a defiant move in NYC

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is putting his money where his mouth is and using all his power to make a statement during this government shutdown. Cuomo announced that in spite of the shutdown, he would reopen the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island because their messages are important now more than ever.


He said that not only are these parks important to New York economically, but they represent an idea and ideals that are important to New Yorkers and the country as well.

Add your name to demand the president and Congress end the Trump shutdown and reopen the government NOW!

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Despite maintaining full control of all three branches of government, the GOP has allowed the federal government to shutdown in the absence of a continuing resolution to keep the government funded.

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As of midnight on Friday, the entire federal government is closed, putting all “nonessential” employees on furlough. That’s 100,000 people staying home without a paycheck and countless important federal agencies that provide Americans with important and necessary services.

Negotiations with Democrats stalled after the warring parties reached an impasse over immigration and the fate of the Dreamers and DACA. Democrats are sticking to their guns, holding firm for a deal that protects the 800,000 young Americans whose fates hang in the balance. Trump seems to be committed to securing funding for his wall. Republicans, for their part, are committed to remaining oppositional at all costs.

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Unless Republicans can step up to the plate and live up to the responsibility of controlling all three branches of government, they will instead bear responsibility for failing to do so. Every moment they stall negotiations for partisan reasons, they continue to fail the American people they’re charged with serving.

Governor Cuomo’s message resonates, putting the people and their access to these important and inspiring monuments over partisan infighting. The GOP could take a page out of his book and do the right thing.

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