February 8, 2023

Women’s Marchers just sent the president a message he can’t ignore with these incredible signs

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Today marks the one year anniversary of one of the darkest modern days in American history – the inauguration of President Donald Trump, whose biggest claim to fame so far is running away from the competition for “worst president in history.”


Refusing to be dispirited or defeated by the mandarin mogul, the American people took to the streets en masse to protest and make their voices heard.

After a year in which the issue of women’s rights and the epidemic of sexual abuse and harassment in every industry and every level of American society was brought to the forefront of the public discourse, it was more important than ever for the men and women of America to turn out in force to let our sexual predator-in-chief know how they really feel about him.

As usual, the creativity and wit on display was inspiring to behold – here’s a collection of the best signs from 2018 Women’s March.

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