December 6, 2022

The author of the bombshell Fire & Fury book just revealed his juiciest Trump secret to Bill Maher

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The author of America’s best-selling book Fire and Fury just revealed on national television that the President is most likely actively having an extra-marital affair inside the White House. (video below)


Michael Wolff appeared on HBO’s Real Time and said that the only reason he didn’t drop that particular major bombshell in his book is that he doesn’t have physical evidence.

It’s not uncommon for the secretive affairs of politicians to become well known long before they’re publicly exposed, and Wolff explained the good reason he had to exclude direct mention of the affair from his already controversial book that Trump threatened to sue over, but hasn’t. Wolff told HBO’s Real Time:

Wolff: “I can’t tell you what it is… there’s something in the book that I was absolutely sure of, but it’s so incendiary that I didn’t have the ultimate foolproof [evidence].”

Host: “Is it a woman thing?”

Wolff: “I don’t have the blue dress.”

Host: “It is about a woman.”

Wolff: “Yes.”

Host: “It’s somebody he’s f-cking now.”

Wolff: “Yes.”

Michael Wolff was referring to an infamous piece of evidence proving a presidential extramarital affair that the Republican Party’s manufactured Clinton scandal from twenty years ago.

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He concluded the segment telling the audience to “read between the lines” to try and figure out how he quietly narrated the seeds of yet another Trump sex-scandal, and what could perhaps cause the first First Family divorce in White House history.

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Donald Trump is still reeling from the release of Wolff’s revelatory book and the Journal‘s exposure of a six-figure – possibly illegal – hush money payoff that the President’s lawyer Michael Cohen indiscreetly paid to quiet the affair during the election.

Now, the President’s ongoing marital infidelities portend an even more public embarrassment when the frequently, and very publicly discontented First Lady Melania Trump inevitably finds proof of Donald Trump’s ongoing marital infidelity.

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Watch Wolff’s entire interview on HBO:

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