November 30, 2022

Republicans just unveiled their latest anti-Mueller conspiracy theory, and it’s already falling to pieces

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As a government shutdown looms and the President fights off a porn star infidelity scandal, the conservative spin machine has once again spun to life and spat out another distracting and ultimately baseless conspiracy theory to rile up the base and draw the proverbial wagons – because the libs are out to get your president! 


Last night, Rep. Mark Gaetz of Florida (R-DUI) went on FOX News and announced that there is a “memo” circulating Congress detailing United States government surveillance abuses that somehow discredit the Mueller investigation and the Christopher Steele Trump-Russia dossier.

This morning, Freedom Caucus leader Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) took to the House floor and decried the “memo,” hyping up the horrifying nature of its contents but refusing to say anything about what it actually contained.

House Republicans have been weeping crocodile tears and stomping their feet in constitutional indignance over the sudden shocking revelations that the U.S. government has been spying on their own citizens.

“It is so alarming the American people have to see this,” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said.

“It’s troubling. It is shocking,” North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said. “Part of me wishes that I didn’t read it because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much.”

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said he believed people could lose their jobs after the memo is released.

“I believe the consequence of its release will be major changes in people currently working at the FBI and the Department of Justice,” he said, referencing DOJ officials Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr.

But as usual, like Pizzagate and the Obama wire-tap “scandal” and the Seth Rich conspiracy, this “memo” appears to be nothing but yet another GOP smokescreen based off of House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) examination of the intelligence community’s surveillance of Trump campaign members suspected of colluding with foreign agents, as reports Business Insider‘s Natasha Bertrand.

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“Irresponsible stupidity that I cannot fathom” sums up Devin Nunes quite well. A bumbling fool whose bizarre behavior and secret White House visits forced him to recuse himself from the Trump-Russia investigation, Nunes has disgraced himself and his committee in his incessant efforts to carry water for the President.

This conspiracy is going to go the same way all the others will. FOX News will cover it 24/7 for the next four weeks or so, the House Pizzagate Caucus will stomp their feet and howl and moan about it, Trumpers on Twitter will spam #releasethememo, and the rest of society will largely ignore it until it fades away into the tapestry of paranoid delusions that conservatives entertain.

It is breathtaking to watch Republicans, who voted literally this week to renew the FISA program and expand the president’s warrantless spying powers, suddenly clutch their pearls and complain about surveillance “abuses.” These cynical frauds take hypocrisy to a whole new level.

Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.

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