A Republican Senator just accidentally told the truth about his colleagues


As government shutdown looms, with only hours to go and no deal in sight, lawmakers are getting antsy and loose-lipped.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) had choice words about the whole fiasco as the deadline nears. Watch here.

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It’s no Hamilton, but ” founded by geniuses, run by idiots” has a nice ring to it.

The government teeters on the brink of a shutdown as we await a Senate vote on the passage of a continuing resolution to approve a contingency budget to keep the whole thing afloat for another 30 days.

A version of the CR has already passed the House, but Senate Republicans lack the 60 votes necessary to pass in the upper chamber.


Republicans hold a majority in all three branches of government. But they haven’t resisted the opportunity to foist blame for a potential shutdown onto the Democrats. The Democrats are holding out for a deal that protects “Dreamers,” residents in the country illegally, brought here as children through no fault of their own. Republicans are pitting Dreamers against children, forcing Democrats to choose between bolstering DACA and funding CHIP- the Children’s Health Insurance Plan.

That’s for real what’s going on here. Throw into the mix a mentally unstable, fair weather President with completely unpredictable allegiances and opinions that can shift with the wind, and there’s no telling when or if there will be a deal made in time to keep the government open for business.

Kennedy has a point. Idiots, indeed.

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