September 25, 2023

Madame Tussaud’s wax museum just melted Trump’s ego with their latest stunt

For the second time in as many weeks, Madame Tussauds has used art to troll Trump.

The Washington, D.C. wax museum relocated its wax Trump replica to the streets of the nation’s capital today, just ahead of the government shutdown. A photo shows wax Trump standing behind a patron in line for an ATM.

The wax museum is held by a privately owned company, and is therefore unaffected by the looming government shutdown. But many likenesses of much more appealing presidents are on view at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery which will be affected, along with the other museums the government operates.

After the president cancelled his scheduled trip to London last week, the famed Mistress’ namesake wax museum there decided to troll Trump: in his absence, they moved his wax figure into the U.S. Embassy instead.

A spokeswoman for the museum said, “Just like the rest of the country, we woke up to the news of Trump having canceled his visit,” Treacy said. “And we thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be fun [to move] our own President Trump there, instead?’”

President Trump abruptly called off his state visit to the United Kingdom due to concerns that he would not be able to stomach the widespread protests that are expected to erupt upon his arrival.

One can only imagine how Trump will respond to the Madame’s practical joke in his own backyard. Maybe he’ll be so flustered by embarrassment, he’l accidentally do the right thing and come to the negotiating table. But unless you’re a lifeless wax figure, don’t hold your breath.