December 10, 2022

A knife-wielding man was just arrested for terrifying Starbucks assault on Muslim women

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Here’s how “trickle down” really works in the Trump era. Trump barks racist decrees from the moment he takes office, issuing one discriminatory “Muslim ban” after another. Even though federal courts strike them all down, normalized racism pervades the atmosphere.


Now it has trickled down to people like Manuel Lewis, a 44-year old Tucson resident arrested for attacking a group of Muslim women outside a Starbucks with a knife.

A bystander tackled him before calling the police, who arrested Lewis and charged him with seven counts of disorderly conduct, two counts of assault with no injuries and two counts of criminal damage. He may face hate crime charges as well.

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This was not the first time this guy’s attacked local Muslims. A local restaurant owner recalled an incident: Lewis came into her restaurant and spouted racist comments at her. Her young son had to run him out of the place. She felt this amounted to an act of terrorism.

This isn’t uncommon in the first year of the Trump presidency.

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In May of last year, two men were stabbed to death and one critically injured intervening in an attack on Muslim women on a train in Portland, OR. The perpetrator shouted hate speech at the two Muslim women and the three men stood up to intervene before being attacked. In this case, the perpetrator also wielded a knife.

The FBI’s latest report on hate crimes was released in November, 2017. It documented 6,121 hate crimes in the year 2016. Of them, 57.5% were motivated by a race, ethnicity or ancestry bias. Hate crimes motivated by religion made up 20% of reported incidents with Jewish and Muslim people being the two most common targets in this category, with nearly 54 percent and more than 24 percent, respectively, of these crimes committed against them.

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This is the impact Trump is having on America. He models disgusting behavior and it trickles down to the public at large who imitate their leader. That’s what you get when you elect a racist-in-chief.

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