November 30, 2022

Trump just brought a supporter up on stage to make fun of him

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Trump flew to Pennsylvania today to throw his support behind a Republican running for Congress in an upcoming special election. It’s just the latest sign that he’s aware that he’s hemorrhaging support and his party is poised to get wiped out of power in the 2018 mid-terms. The trip is a desperate bid to shore up the ailing GOP.


Durning his rambling, egocentric, nonsensical speech, the president brought a supporter up out of the audience and onto the stage with him. The man got a quick lesson in what it’s like to deal with a bully like Trump because the president immediately mocked his baldness.

“If I had a head of hair like that I would have, I really would have been, I would have been president years ago Ken. Years ago,” Trump said. The supporter himself tried to laugh along awkwardly to the president’s bad joke.

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Trump tried to act like it was a friendly ribbing, but it’s far more likely that he was excited at the chance to put down someone else’s lack of hair to make himself feel better about his own infamous, strange blonde combover. It proves once again that Trump will throw anyone under the bus, even his staunchest supporters and allies, if it helps make him look better.

As Aaron Rupar of ThinkProgress pointed out, the mockery is deeply ironic given the recently revealed fact that Trump takes a special medication to help him hang on to the few dyed and dying strands of straw-like hair still clinging to his orange scalp.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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