Paul Ryan’s spokesman just started a Twitter war with Jimmy Kimmel and got humiliated

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Tomorrow, for the third time in six months, Congress will try a last minute maneuver to keep the government running. While the vast majority of Democrats are fighting to include much needed relief for the nation’s 800,000 dreamers and funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, Republicans are continuing to play political games irrespective of the people they are hurting.

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Today, Speaker Paul Ryan’s Press Secretary for White House Affairs, Doug Andres, decided to challenge comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel to those games on Twitter.

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Big mistake. (Twitter exchange below.)

Last May, Kimmel shook up the political establishment when he opened up about the moving story of his son, who was born with a life threatening heart condition and will live a healthy life because of the expert medical care he received. The comedian made an impassioned plea for Washington to allow every American access to the same quality care.

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Even as his call went unheeded by Republicans, Kimmel became an icon for making healthcare a right in America rather than a privilege denied to millions.

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So when Republicans tried to corner Democrats this week by forcing them too choose between a government funding bill that finally reauthorized CHIP or continuing to fight for Dreamers, Speaker Ryan’s spokesman tried to bring Kimmel onto the GOP side.

The move did not exactly go as Andres planned. Kimmel responded by calling out the disgraceful game Republicans are playing

After being unilaterally owned, Andres should have stopped but came back for more.

Then, the enabler of a reality show host president tried to mock Kimmel’s show biz credentials, and again, he was quickly made to regret it.

Then the man who just wouldn’t stay down had the audacity to suggest that Republicans were interested in funding CHIP — something Democrats have been calling for for months.

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Naturally, it backfired.

Finally, Andres tried rambling, and Kimmel put him away for good. If only he had the ability to do the same for the rest of the Washington Republicans who are attacking our country from within.

Sheila Norton

Sheila Norton is a writer with ten years of Capitol Hill experience. She has consulted extensively for a variety of progressive causes, including equal rights and clean energy.

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