November 30, 2022

Enough Republicans just announced they are prepared to shut down own government tomorrow

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Senate Republicans have just found themselves looking over the very edge of a political cliff. Senate Democrats just reached a critical benchmark in the back and forth with Republicans that inches ever closer to a government shutdown.


A Democratic aide told the Hill that the Dems are officially able to block the Republicans from gathering the 60 votes needed to pass a temporary spending bill to keep the government afloat.

Negotiations over the content of such a bill have been fraught, with both sides holding firm on must-have additions to the bill that the other cannot abide.

The Republican Party has been attempting to bully Democrats into extending funding for the government by holding additional funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) hostage.

Nine million American children rely on CHIP for their healthcare, and the funds allocated by Congress are about to run dry in many states since the GOP hasn’t bothered to renew the money, even though they’ve had a hundred days to do it in.

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Republicans appear to be using the health of American children as a bargaining chip in order to force the Democrats to pass a government funding bill without addressing the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals program, which the Trump administration ended in September of last year.

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800,000 young adults who arrived in the United States as children are set to be deported back to countries they’ve never lived in, thanks to the agenda of soft ethnic cleansing laid out by the Trump administration and the white supremacist ideologues that work behind the scenes.

The government will shut down on Saturday without the passage of a new funding bill.

Democrats are standing up and holding firm on their promise to protect the “dreamers,” as the 800,000 Americans are known. Democrats are willing to come to the table and negotiate a bipartisan agreement that includes protection for the Dreamers, potentially in exchange for some form of funding for “The Wall.” If Republicans aren’t willing to make any concessions, they’ll have to take responsibility for the impasse that will lead to the shutdown.

House Republicans have already pretty much come to the consensus that if there is a government shut down, it’ll be Republicans who take the blame. Only most of their arguments don’t revolve around the very logical and fact-based idea outlined above, but on the idea that Republicans always take the heat historically.

Apparently they also play the victim. If Republicans really want to save face and get on the right side of history, they’ll come to the table and stop pitting one group of vulnerable Americans against another and do right by everyone.

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